Nureva Inc.

Statement of Intellectual Property

Dated February 15 2022

Nureva CV30 camera utilizes or includes third-party software and other copyrighted material (collectively, 'Third-Party Software'), including, but not limited to, the third-party software and material identified below. Your use of such Third-Party Software is governed by the licensing terms, acknowledgements, disclaimers and waivers (collectively the 'Terms') applicable to such Third-Party Software. Copies of the Terms listed below are available from Nureva Inc. upon payment of a reasonable fee.

Third Party Software Version License Type License
Camera software license agreement
GNU/Linux kernel 4.19.162 GPLv2
U-Boot 2015/01 GPLv2
BusyBox 1.20.2 GPLv2
Linaro GCC- 4.9-2015.06 GPLv2
iniparser 3.1 MIT License
yaffs2utils 0.1.13 GPLv2
mtd-utils 1.5.0 GPLv2
Alsa-lib 1.1.7 LGPLv2.1
zlib 1.2.8 zlib/libpng
squashfs 4.3 GPLv2
Util-Linux 2.22-rc2 GPLv2 utils/util-linux/
uClibc LGPLv2.1
Linaro glibc 2.20-2014.11 LGPLv2.1
dfu-util 0.9 GPLv2
FreeType 2 2.10.0 GPLv2