Nureva Inc.

Statement of Intellectual Property

Dated September 13 2022

Portions of the Nureva® Rome.ConsoleClient® software utilize or include third-party software and other copyrighted material (collectively, 'Third-Party Software'), including, but not limited to, the third-party software and material identified below. Your use of such Third-Party Software is governed by the licensing terms, acknowledgements, disclaimers and waivers (collectively the 'Terms') applicable to such Third-Party Software. Copies of the Terms listed below are available from Nureva Inc. upon payment of a reasonable fee.

Third Party Software Version License Type License
inter-process-communication 0.1.88
@nureva/inter-process-communication 0.1.87
@nureva/conductor-daemon 0.0.592
@nureva/device-sdk 0.20.6
@nureva/local-logger 0.2.0
@nureva/inter-process-communication 0.1.85
@nureva/version-service-helper 0.1.1
Nureva audio-device-types 1.0.3
Electron Debug 3.2.0 MIT
Nureva coreapi-helper 0.0.18
Nureva local-path-manager 0.1.11
@electron remote 1.1.0 MIT
Nureva firmware-version-compare 0.1.0
i18next Browser Language Detector 3.0.2 MIT
Zone.js 0.9.1 MIT
Webdriver Manager 12.1.5 MIT
RxJS 6.5.3 Apache 2
i18next-xhr-backend 3.0.1 MIT
i18next pseudo 2.1.0 MIT
i18next 17.0.8 MIT
hammerjs 2.0.8 MIT
node-fs-extra 8.1.0 MIT
Electron Updater 4.1.2 MIT
Electron Is Dev 1.1.0 MIT
Electron Debug 3.0.1 MIT
Custom Electron Titlebar 3.1.0 MIT
Core-JS 3.1.4 MIT
Angular i18next 7.0.0 MIT
Angular Material 8.2.3 MIT
Angular Forms 8.0.0 MIT
Angular CDK 8.2.3 MIT
Angular Animations 8.0.0 MIT
Winston 3.2.1 MIT